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Dear customer,
In 2015 we were told we would need to look for alternative premises, as Touchwood shopping centre would be extended.
In 2016, we were served with a compulsory purchase order (CPO). I went after many properties, two I was interested in were in Touchwood & Drury Lane. I was told the property in Drury Lane wasn’t worth moving to, because there was a refurbishment order against it & they would not be granting leases after November 17, imagine my surprise when another Barbers opened there in September 17.
Then every unit I went after was managed by the agent that let that unit, wouldn’t deal with our company as the agent felt the landlord wouldn’t let us a unit as it would be UNFAIR to the Barbers that had opened there. The Touchwood management wouldn’t budge on the rent, so I cheekily phoned Timpson’s, asked if they were considering closing there unit in Drury Lane as they’d already got a unit in Solihull. No they said, then 4 months ago, guess what, a Barbers opens there.

We no longer have a CPO against us, it’s elapsed. They still (Solihull council) have planning permission to extend Touchwood, it runs out this year. We’ve not spent money on refurbishment, as we were told we’d be evicted.

My apologies to our loyal customers, the council still haven’t confirmed whether or not they’ve instructed another developer to extend Touchwood, or if they’re going to apply for an extension of the planning or to reapply for planning.

My gut feeling is it won’t happen.  In the meantime we have 2 competitors opened & were under the impression that we’d be leaving,  so not spending money on a refurb wasn’t something we chose not to do, but wouldn’t have been worth it as we’d have wasted money we would need to spend on a move.

Please bear with me, we appreciate your custom, we appreciate your loyalty, hopefully this clears up any misunderstandings & once again, apologies to our customers, many thanks,   David Sheen .

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